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Union of two physics tools sheds light on quantum chaos

IQIM graduate student Nicole Yunger Halpern explores quantum chaos in her new publication Jarzynski-like equality for the out-of-time-ordered correlator What do black holes have in common with DNA? Black holes are chaotic quantum systems, which scramble information rapidly. DNA obeys fluctuation relations, equations that govern the energy needed to perform tasks like the uncoiling a [...]

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David Aasen receives Tombrello Award

Congratulations to Graduate Student David Aasen. He is the recipient of the Tombrello Award, sponsored by Dr. France Córdova. The award recipients were able to meet with Dr. Córdova during her December visit to Caltech. Additional recipients include: Michael Eastwood, the Neugebauer Award and Sarah Gossan the Garmire award. Graduate student recipients of awards sponsored [...]

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Kitaev and Wen awarded 2017 APS Buckley Prize

Congratulations to Alexei Kitaev and Xiao-Gang Wen of MIT, 2017 winners of the Oliver E. Buckley Condensed Matter Physics Prize. "For theories of topological order and its consequences in a broad range of physical systems." The purpose of the prize is to recognize and encourage outstanding theoretical or experimental contributions to condensed matter physics. Read [...]

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Quantum Cryptography MOOC begins October 10

Thomas Vidick and Stephanie Wehner from QuTech at the Delft University of Technology are teaching a MOOC course Quantum Cryptography with a classroom component at Caltech and at Delft. The course starts October 10, enroll through the website. Vidick describes the course "It's a hot topic, but there are very few resources for people [...]

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Atom–atom interactions around the band edge of a photonic crystal waveguide

A new paper by the Kimble group reports initial observation of cooperative atom–atom interactions around the band edge of a photonic crystal waveguide. "In recent years, there has been considerable effort to bring ultracold atoms into the realm of nanophotonics. Nanoscopic dielectric devices offer unprecedented opportunities to engineer novel capabilities for the control of atom–photon [...]

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IQIM included in National Report on Quantum Information Science

The National Science and Technology Council recently released a report "Advancing Quantum Information Science: National Challenges and Opportunities" IQIM is listed as an example, along with JQI of QIS-related Physics Frontiers Centers. Additional references to IQIM include a link to the publications page of the IQIM website, and specific references to IQIM research. Read more [...]

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Derivations of the thermal state of a quantum system that has noncommuting charges

Recently reignited interest in quantum thermodynamics has prompted information-theoretic approaches to fundamental questions, including the roles of entanglement, measurement, and noncommutation. A central concept in statistical mechanics is the thermal state. The thermal state of a system that exchanges heat with a bath, or heat and particles, or other commuting observables, is well-known. But quantum [...]

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Preskill presents Sommerfeld Lecture Series

John Preskill will be presenting the Nineteenth Arnold Sommerfeld Lecture Series this week. Each semester the Arnold Sommerfeld Center for Theoretical Physics at Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU), Munich invites a distinguished theoretical physicist in order to present a short series of lectures with increasing level of specialization. The lecture series includes a public talk for a general audience, [...]

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Duality between Free Dirac Cone and QED derived

  Credit: APS/Alan StonebrakerFigure 1: The action of discrete symmetries on the fermionic particle (top) and its dual fermionic vortex (bottom). In a new paper by IQIM Postdoctoral Scholar David Mross together with Jason Alicea and Lesik Motrunich they explicitly derive the duality between a free electronic Dirac cone and quantum electrodynamics in [...]

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Congratulations Caltech Graduates

Congratulations Caltech's 2016 graduates. Find photos,  a video of the ceremony, links to the commencement address and more on the Caltech Commencement website. Members of IQIM who received their PhD degrees include: Michael Beverland, Tim Blasius, William Chickering, Laura De Lorenzo, Debaleena Nandi, Paraj Titum, Ari Weinstein, David Yeaton-Massey. Master of Science degrees were conferred [...]

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