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Senior, Paul Dieterle, awarded Hertz Fellowship

Congratulations to Paul Dieterle, he is one of 12 recipients thoughout the U.S. of a Hertz Fellowship providing up to five years of support for graduate studies. As an undergraduate, Paul  has worked with IQIM faculty Oskar Painter and Keith Schwab, along with Maria Spiropulu, professor of physics and the late professor Tom Tombrello. His [...]

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New Science article features work by Motrunich group on Dirac composite fermions

Two-dimensional momentum space view of density-density correlations. See Fig 2 in publication for full caption A recent Science article features work by IQIM alums Scott Geraedts and Roger Mong, and Professor of Theoretical Physics Lesik Motrunich with collaborators.  From Science: "All is well with particle-hole symmetry In an external magnetic field, the energy [...]

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Preskill Interview – A True Quantum Revolution is Close

Photo and caption from PhysicsWorld blog - Bit of choice: A photograph of the nine superconducting qubit device developed by the Martinis group at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where, for the first time, the qubits are able to detect and effectively protect each other from bit errors. (Courtesy: Julian Kelly/Martinis group) [...]

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Faraon receives ONR Young Investigator Award

Andrei Faraon, Assistant Professor of Applied Physics and Materials Science, has received a 2016 Office of Naval Research (ONR) Young Investigator Award. His proposal was Quantum Transduction Between Optical and Microwave Photons using Rare-Earth-Doped Materials. The Young Investigator Award recognizes outstanding new faculty members, provides support for their research, and aims to encourage their teaching [...]

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Alicea News and Views on Majorana modes in superconducting wires

Jason Alicea, Professor of Theoretical Physics, comments on recent experimental work by the Marcus group. They have identified a key property of ‘Majorana modes’ in superconducting wires that can be used to engineer qubits that are immune to noise by default. In Alicea's News and Views article he describes the Majorana mode as a line [...]

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Vidick receives AFOSR and NSF awards

 Thomas Vidick, Assistant Professor of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, has received two recent awards. He won the 2016 Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) Young Investigator Award for his proposal entitled, “Towards a secure quantum network.” Read more about the AFOSR award here. He was also awarded the National Science Foundation's Faculty Early Career [...]

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One Entangled Evening and Quantum Summit Highlights

On January 26 and 27th, IQIM hosted programs honoring Richard Feynman and marking 50 years since he received the Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on quantum electrodynamics. IQIM also presented current work and discussed some of the possibilities they hope to explore in the Quantum Frontier. One Entangled Evening included a video tribute [...]

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Anyone Can Quantum over 1.5 Million Views

In the first two days following the premier of "Anyone Can Quantum" as part of One Entangled Evening on January 26, the short film depicting an epic quantum chess battle between Stephen Hawking and Paul Rudd had been viewed over 1 Million times. The enthusiasm continues; we have passed over 1.5 Million views in less [...]

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Yeh Group publication and video describes new work in 3-D topological Insulators

Spectral characteristics of isolated magnetic impurities. For full caption and image see Figure 6 in the publication. The Yeh group presents results of recent work exploring topological insulators (TI). In a New Journal of Physics publication, they report direct evidence for magnetism-induced surface-state energy gaps and magnetic impurity resonances in 3D-Topological Insulators by [...]

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