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Eisenstein group demonstrates method to control orientation of exotic quantum states

Artist's rendition showing nematics aligned in a quantum well (Credit: J. Pollanen). The quantum Hall nematics are fascinating two-dimensional (2-d) electronic liquid crystals existing in ultra-clean semiconductor heterostructures and exhibit a mysterious broken rotational symmetry in the 2-d plane. In a recent article in Physical Review B, Johannes Pollanen (IQIM Postdoctoral Scholar), working [...]

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Hsieh work on novel phase of matter featured in Nature Physics

Four different types of RA-SHG patterns found by performing local measurements within all of the domains mapped in Fig. 2b. Red lines are fits to the expressions described in the text. The large lobes are shaded pink to emphasize the orientation of each pattern. Schematics of the four degenerate magneto-electric loop-current order configurations are [...]

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David Hsieh awarded Packard Fellowship

David Hsieh is a 2015 recipient of the Packard Fellowship. This award "provides early-career scientists with flexible funding and the freedom to take risks and explore new frontiers in their fields." Hsieh is one of 18 new fellows recognized by the David and Lucile Packard Foundation. Hsieh plans to explore the possibility of using light to alter [...]

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Senior Patrick Rall featured in story describing 2015 SURF

Caltech Senior, Patrick Rall Patrick Rall, a Caltech Senior is featured in this Caltech Media story describing his 2015 SURF experience working with John Preskill. "The most interesting thing about the quantum computer is that we have no idea what it could be capable of," says Rall. "We know some quantum algorithms that [...]

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Yanbei Chen elected a fellow of the APS

Yanbei Chen Congratulations to Yanbei Chen, Professor of Physics, elected a fellow of the APS. Chen was recognized for "major contributions to our understanding of quantum noise in gravitational wave interferometers, for inventing the double optical spring, and for formulating a vision for experimental research on macroscopic quantum mechanics."

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Refael Group Publication describes a “topolariton”

Gil Refael and IQIM Postdocs Torsten Karzig, Charles-Edouard Bardyn, and former postdoc Netanel H. Lindner describe a topological polarition, or “topolariton” in a Physics Rev X paper. The topolariton is a hybrid half-light, half-matter quasiparticle that has special topological properties and might be used in devices to transport light in one direction. Read more in [...]

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Full Circle Physics – E&S feature on IQIM

Image courtesy of E & S Read about IQIM in the Fall 2015 issue of E & S.  Caltech’s Institute for Quantum Information and Matter (IQIM) began in 2010 as the Center for Exotic Quantum Systems, funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation as part of its Caltech commitment. By 2011, it [...]

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Faraon Group article featured in Nature Communications

Photonic crystal nanobeam resonator fabricated in Nd:YSO In Nature Communications, Andrei Faraon's group has demonstrated coupling of an ensemble of neodymium rare-earth-ions to photonic nanocavities fabricated in the yttrium orthosilicate host crystal. This kind of quantum light–matter interface connecting stationary qubits to photons will enable optical networks for quantum communications, precise global time [...]

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