Code Properties from Holographic Geometries

John Preskill and former IQIM Postdoctoral Scholar, Fernando Pastawski present new work in Code Properties from Holographic Geometries Phys. Rev. X 7, 021022 (2017). An overview is presented in the paper's Popular Summary: This figure illustrates uberholography for the case of a two-dimensional hyperbolic bulk geometry. The inner logical boundary is contained inside the [...]

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Hsieh group discovers first 3D quantum liquid crystal

These images show light patterns generated by a rhenium-based crystal using a laser method called optical second-harmonic rotational anisotropy. At left, the pattern comes from the atomic lattice of the crystal. At right, the crystal has become a 3-D quantum liquid crystal, showing a drastic departure from the pattern due to the atomic lattice [...]

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Paper by Xie Chen “Symmetry Fractionalization in Two Dimensional Topological Phases” featured

A recent paper by Xie Chen Symmetry Fractionalization in Two Dimensional Topological Phases is available in Review in Physics. Symmetry fractionalization describes the fascinating phenomena that excitations in a 2D topological system can transform under symmetry in a fractional way. For example in fractional quantum Hall systems, excitations can carry fractional charges while the electrons [...]

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Union of two physics tools sheds light on quantum chaos

IQIM graduate student Nicole Yunger Halpern explores quantum chaos in her new publication Jarzynski-like equality for the out-of-time-ordered correlator What do black holes have in common with DNA? Black holes are chaotic quantum systems, which scramble information rapidly. DNA obeys fluctuation relations, equations that govern the energy needed to perform tasks like the uncoiling a [...]

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Atom–atom interactions around the band edge of a photonic crystal waveguide

A new paper by the Kimble group reports initial observation of cooperative atom–atom interactions around the band edge of a photonic crystal waveguide. "In recent years, there has been considerable effort to bring ultracold atoms into the realm of nanophotonics. Nanoscopic dielectric devices offer unprecedented opportunities to engineer novel capabilities for the control of atom–photon [...]

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Derivations of the thermal state of a quantum system that has noncommuting charges

Recently reignited interest in quantum thermodynamics has prompted information-theoretic approaches to fundamental questions, including the roles of entanglement, measurement, and noncommutation. A central concept in statistical mechanics is the thermal state. The thermal state of a system that exchanges heat with a bath, or heat and particles, or other commuting observables, is well-known. But quantum [...]

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Duality between Free Dirac Cone and QED derived

  Credit: APS/Alan StonebrakerFigure 1: The action of discrete symmetries on the fermionic particle (top) and its dual fermionic vortex (bottom). In a new paper by IQIM Postdoctoral Scholar David Mross together with Jason Alicea and Lesik Motrunich they explicitly derive the duality between a free electronic Dirac cone and quantum electrodynamics in [...]

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New Science article features work by Motrunich group on Dirac composite fermions

Two-dimensional momentum space view of density-density correlations. See Fig 2 in publication for full caption A recent Science article features work by IQIM alums Scott Geraedts and Roger Mong, and Professor of Theoretical Physics Lesik Motrunich with collaborators.  From Science: "All is well with particle-hole symmetry In an external magnetic field, the energy [...]

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Alicea News and Views on Majorana modes in superconducting wires

Jason Alicea, Professor of Theoretical Physics, comments on recent experimental work by the Marcus group. They have identified a key property of ‘Majorana modes’ in superconducting wires that can be used to engineer qubits that are immune to noise by default. In Alicea's News and Views article he describes the Majorana mode as a line [...]

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Yeh Group publication and video describes new work in 3-D topological Insulators

Spectral characteristics of isolated magnetic impurities. For full caption and image see Figure 6 in the publication. The Yeh group presents results of recent work exploring topological insulators (TI). In a New Journal of Physics publication, they report direct evidence for magnetism-induced surface-state energy gaps and magnetic impurity resonances in 3D-Topological Insulators by [...]

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