On January 26th, 2016, Caltech and the Institute for Quantum Information and Matter invited the public to a celebration of Feynman’s Quantum Legacy.

Director of IQIM, John Preskill, and entertainer, Gia Mora, sing about entanglement in “One Entangled Evening” to the tune of South Pacific’s “One Enchanted Evening”.

Lyrics by John Preskill.

“One entangled evening
We will see a qubit,
And another qubit
Across a crowded lab,

And somehow we’ ll know,
We’ ll know even then,
This qubit’s entangled
Aligned with its friend!

One entangled evening
We’ ll cool down a circuit.
See if we can work it
At 20 milli-K.

A circuit that cold
Is worth more than gold
‘Cause qubits within it
Will do as they’re told!

Quantum’s inviting
Just as Feynman knew.
The future’s exciting
If we see it through!

One entangled evening
Anyons will be braiding
And thereby evading
The noise that haunts the lab.

Then our quantum goods
Will work as they should,
Solving the problems
No old gadget could!

Once we have dreamt it
We can make it so.
Once we have dreamt it
We can make it so!”

Produced in association with Caltech Academic Media Technologies. ©2016 California Institute of Technology