David Boyd and Nai-Chang YehThe current episode of the BBC News program Horizons features work done by the Yeh lab. The program asks whether science and technology can solve some of the globe’s most pressing problems; in this episode it looked at the challenges of availability for water, food and energy. In March 2015, the Yeh group published work on Single-step deposition of high mobility graphene at reduced temperatures in Nature Communications. The breakthrough in techniques to grow large areas of graphene at room temperatures was developed by David Boyd, Staff Scientist “With this new technique, we can grow large sheets of electronic-grade graphene in much less time and at much lower temperatures.”  Nai Chang Yeh, Professor of Physics; Fletcher Jones Foundation Co-Director of the Kavli Nanoscience Institute, explained potential uses for graphene and more about the development of high quality material through this innovative plasma technique. Read more about this work in the Caltech Media story