In a recent interview with Inverse Entertainment Spiros Michalakis, describes his input as a consultant on the Marvel Cinematic Universe series of films including Ant Man, Dr. Strange and Captain Marvel. He introduced the Marvel team to the idea of a quantum realm “This is a place where the nature of reality changes around you. So, when you enter the quantum realm, its different set of laws takant man imagees hold.”  The interview begins with a comparison between Superman and Ant Man – who’s stronger? Who would win if you consider the effects of gravity and Ant Man could harness quantum properties?

In discussing his role in considering the science behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Michalakis says, “It’s not about giving it scientific legitimacy because we are talking about insane stuff even physicists would consider weird.” Rather, it’s about getting the public interested in science and discovery. “How do you get them to switch on that hunger for discovery? It’s one thing to gobble up already-known facts and another to become an adventurer. To consider, how could this work? How can somebody shrink? What would that be like?”

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