In a new paper by graduate student Aaron Chew, Jason Alicea and IQIM alum David Mross (now at the Weizmann Institute), they discuss  “one-dimensional time-crystalline topological superconductors, for which time-translation symmetry breaking and topological physics intertwine—yielding anomalous Floquet Majorana modes that are not possible in free-fermion systems.” In addition to the paper Time-Crystalline Topological Superconductors this work is also featured  in the Physics.Org news Time crystals and topological superconductors merge 

Figure from published paper quantum dot array

Proximitized quantum-dot array coupled to Ising spins. See the full caption for Figure 1 in the paper.

“The intertwinement between time crystallinity and topological physics generates an interesting twist on excitations that are being pursued for fault-tolerant quantum computing,” [Jason Alicea]. Read the full paper Chew, Aaron and Mross, David F. and Alicea, Jason (2020) Time-crystalline Topological Superconductors. Physical Review Letters, 124 (9). Art. No. 096802.