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2015 Dirac Medal and Prize Awarded to Alexei Kitaev

ICTP has awarded its 2015 Dirac Medal and Prize to Alexei Kitaev (California Institute of Technology), Gregory W. Moore (Rutgers University) and Nicholas Read (Yale University) for their interdisciplinary contributions which introduced the concepts of conformal field theory and non-abelian quasiparticle statistics in condensed matter systems and applied these ideas to quantum computation. Their work [...]

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Alexei Kitaev named a 2015 Simons Investigator

Alexei Kitaev, the Ronald and Maxine Linde Professor of Theoretical Physics and Mathematics, was named a 2015 Simons Investigator. The awards "support outstanding scientists in their most productive years, when they are establishing creative new research directions." Read more about the Simons program and CMS Prof. Chris Umans who was also recognized this year in [...]

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Spiros Michalakis worked with Marvel team on Ant Man

Spiros Michalakis worked with the Marvel team on the science behind Ant Man“Even though the original writing by Stan Lee and his co-author meant to take this … less scientifically seriously. The true science does involve some quantum physics,” Michalakis told the BBC in an interview on July. See more on Time.comand Popular Science Read [...]

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InnoWorks Hosts 57 Southern California Middle School Students

Caltech's InnoWorks team hosted 57 middle school students from across Southern California for a week of hands-on science and engineering projects June 15-19. IQIM's Spiros Michalakis is the club's sponsor and they also received logistical support from IQIM staff, the Center for Teaching, Learning and Outreach, andCaltech Athletic staff. Caltech undergraduate students plan and lead [...]

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Kimble group work featured in Nature Photonics

The May issue includes two articles: Subwavelength vacuum lattices and atom–atom interactions in two-dimensional photonic crystals and Quantum many-body models with cold atoms coupled to photonic crystals Also the cover image and a News and Views Article Quantum simulation: Choose your own interaction 4.29.15

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Kelly Charley at the White House Science Fair

Kelly Charley from Navajo Prepatory School has been selected to participate in the White House Science Fair. Kelly participated in the IQIM summer research program in 2014. Hosted by Keith Schwab, professor of Applied Physics, students Kelly Charley, Deshna Joe, Cody Tso (returning to Caltech for a second summer) and Phyllis Martinez accompanied by teachers [...]

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David Boyd Grows Graphene at Room Temperature

IQIM staff scientist, David Boyd, has developed a method to grow large sheets of graphene at room temperature. The process is described in the Nature Communications article, Single-Step Deposition of High-Mobility Graphene at Reduced Temperatures. "Previously, people were only able to grow a few square millimeters of high-mobility graphene at a time, and it required [...]

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A detective with a quantum helper

Have you ever wanted to be incredibly perceptive and make far-reaching deductions about people? I have always been fascinated by spy stories, and how the main character in them notices tiny details of his surroundings to navigate life-or-death situations. This skill seems out of reach for us normal people; you have to be "a high-functioning [...]

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Quantum Mechanics in the Minecraft Universe: Podcast

Podcast: Quantum Mechanics in the Minecraft Universe Listen to the discussion with Spiros Michalakis on about how the game incorporates aspects of quantum behavior into the Minecraft world. According to Michalakis, qCraft isn’t so much about training future physicists as allowing kids to develop an intuition for fundamental quantum principles like probability. *There is [...]

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Andrei Faraon Receives CAREER Award

Andrei Faraon has been awarded the National Science Foundation's Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award for his 5-year project, “Quantum Light-Matter Interfaces Based on Rare-Earth Ions and Nanophotonics”. The CAREER program is NSF's most prestigious awards for junior faculty members. The level and 5-year duration of the awards are designed to enable awardees to develop [...]

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