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Accelerometer: Part I

This blog has made the terrible decision to ask me to do more regular posts.  Well, before trial and error catches up with me, let’s have some fun together… As young single Caltech graduate students, we have become accustomed to making hearts race with our science.  We turn measurements and derivations into heart palpitations.  While this [...]

2017-01-13T10:06:00-08:00November 25th, 2012|Experimental highlights|1 Comment

The TV Frontier

Hello, my name is Tim Blasius and I am a physics graduate student at Caltech.  I recently appeared in a comedy bit on the TV show Conan, where I corrected Conan O’Brien’s physics.  I have been asked to share a few words describing this experience. As with any story involving unbridled success, it begins as a tale [...]

2017-01-13T10:06:01-08:00November 4th, 2012|News, Real science, The expert's corner|7 Comments