2016 Quantum Summit

A one-day seminar, the Quantum Summit, held on January 27, 2016 featured scientists and leaders of industry discussing current work exploring quantum physics. One highlight of the seminar was the panel discussion Why quantum computing, and why now? Moderated by Jennifer Ouellette, senior science editor at Gizmodo.com the panel included: Ray Beausoleil, HP Laboratories; Charles Bennett, IBM Fellow; Parsa Bonderson, Microsoft; Jim Clarke, Intel; Raymond Laflamme, Institute for Quantum Computing; Hartmut Neven, Google. Watch a video of the panel discussion.  During other sessions at the summit, John Martinis of Google spoke about quantum simulation with superconducting qubits; Oskar Painter, the John G. Braun Professor of Applied Physics at Caltech, presented on acoustic quantum transducers; and David Wineland, a Nobel laureate from National Institute of Standards and Technology, described the latest thinking on entangled trapped ions.


Krysta Svore
Krysta SvoreSenior Researcher, QuArC, Microsoft
Jason Alicea
Jason AliceaProfessor of Theoretical Physics, Caltech
Jennifer Ouellette (Moderator)
Jennifer Ouellette (Moderator)Senior Science Editor, Gizmodo.com
Ray Beausoleil
Ray BeausoleilHP Laboratories
Charles Bennett
Charles BennettIBM
Parsa Bonderson
Parsa BondersonMicrosoft
Jim Clarke
Jim ClarkeIntel
Raymond Laflamme
Raymond LaflammeInstitute for Quantum Computing
Hartmut Neven
Hartmut NevenGoogle
Oskar Painter
Oskar PainterChair; Professor of Applied Physics
John Martinis
John MartinisResearch Scientist, Google
David Wineland
David WinelandNobel Laureate, NIST

Photos from the Event

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