John Preskill

Musical Performance: One Entangled Evening

On January 26th, 2016, Caltech and the Institute for Quantum Information and Matter invited the public to a celebration of Feynman's Quantum Legacy. Director of IQIM, John Preskill, and entertainer, Gia Mora, sing about entanglement in "One Entangled Evening" to the tune of South Pacific's "One Enchanted Evening". Lyrics by John Preskill. "One entangled evening [...]

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John Preskill and the dawn of the entanglement frontier

Editor's Note: John Preskill's recent election to the National Academy of Sciences generated a lot of enthusiasm among his colleagues and students. In an earlier post today, famed Stanford theoretical physicist, Leonard Susskind, paid tribute to John's early contributions to physics ranging from magnetic monopoles to the quantum mechanics of black holes. In this post, [...]

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Of magnetic monopoles and fast-scrambling black holes

Editor's Note: On April 29th, 2014, the National Academy of Sciences announced the new electees to the prestigious organization. This was an especially happy occasion for everyone here at IQIM, since the new members included our very own John Preskill, Richard P. Feynman Professor of Theoretical Physics and regular blogger on this site. A request [...]

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