Johannes Fink


Johannes Fink Johannes Fink “I first got interested in the quantum world in high school, when I read about phenomena like […]

John Harter


John Harter John Harter

Assistant Professor at UC Santa Barbara – Materials Department

Postdoctoral Scholar Alumnus

Hsieh Group […]

Stacey Jeffery


Stacey Jeffery Stacey Jeffery “I try to figure out what types of problems we can do faster with a quantum computer […]

David Mross


David Mross David Mross “This is mostly fundamental research, but in many cases there are connections to exciting applications which are […]

Fernando Pastawski


Fernando Pastawski Fernando Pastawski “I’m interested in exploring how the classical world, which we perceive in our daily lives, emerges from […]

Johannes Pollanen


Johannes Pollanen Johannes Pollanen “I was not very good at physics right away in high school or even in college, but […]