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  • A quantum walk down memory laneA quantum walk down memory lane
    In elementary and middle school, I felt an affinity for the class three years above mine. Five of my peers had siblings in that year. I carpooled with a student in that class, which partnered… Read more »
  • What can you do in 48 hours?What can you do in 48 hours?
    Have you ever wondered what can be done in 48 hours? For instance, our heart beats around 200 000 times. One of the biggest supercomputers crunches petabytes (peta = 1015) of numbers to simulate an… Read more »
  • Eleven risks of marrying a quantum information scientistEleven risks of marrying a quantum information scientist
    Some of you may have wondered whether I have a life. I do. He’s a computer scientist, and we got married earlier this month.  Marrying a quantum information scientist comes with dangers not advertised in… Read more »
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