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IQIM has presented several public events. In May 2018, we helped celebrate the 100th anniversary of Richard Feynman’s birthday at Feynman 100. A crowd of over 1,000 participated in an evening program and scientific symposium the following day. In January 2016 we hosted One Entangled Evening, a night of science and entertainment celebrating Feynman’s quantum legacy. This was followed by the Quantum Summit which brought industry leaders together with the academic community to discuss current work and exciting potential projects.

Feynman 100

May 11 & 12, 2018

On May 11 & 12, 2018, Caltech and PMA presented Feynman 100, a celebration of Richard Feynman’s life & legacy on the occasion of his 100th birthday.

The May 11 evening event celebrated his broad contributions to science and society as a scientist, teacher, and curious character. Speakers included: Robbert DijkgraafFreeman Dyson, Joan Feynman, Michelle FeynmanJanna LevinJohn Preskill and Kip ThorneTom Rosenbaum and Leonard Susskind. The evening also included two special video presentations featuring Bill Gates and words from Richard Feynman.

The May 12th, day-long Scientific Symposium brought leading scientists to Caltech to survey the current frontiers of knowledge and share their vision of where science is heading. As Richard Feynman looked toward the future with enthusiasm and curiosity, these are the talks he would have wanted to attend. Speakers include: Rana AdhikariJason AliceaDavid GrossChristopher MonroeHirosi OoguriSara Seager, and Michael Turner.

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One Entangled Evening

January 26, 2016

On January 26th 2016, Caltech hosted One Entangled Evening, a night of science and entertainment celebrating Richard P. Feynman’s quantum legacy. A sold-out crowd in Beckman Auditorium embarked on a journey through the quantum realm with IQIM Director John Preskill, Nobel laureate Dave Wineland, and Microsoft Senior Researcher Krysta Svore as their guides. Mirroring the predictions about quantum science made by Feynman 30 years ago, which are now being realized, these experts shared their own visions of the future.

In the true spirit of Feynman, the program also included artistic and humorous elements. The program opened with Feynman himself, played by amateur actor and NASA/JPL engineer Steve Collins, performing an excerpted monologue from one of the Messenger Lectures. John Preskill brought down the house in the second act singing “One Entangled Evening” with entertainer Gia Mora, but perhaps the most unexpected surprise in the evening’s program was a video chess match between the legendary physicist Stephen Hawking and actor Paul Rudd narrated by none other than Keanu Reeves.

The evening also included appearances by tech billionaire Yuri Milner and Caltech president Thomas F. Rosenbaum, a video from Bill Gates, and thoughtful remarks by Richard Feynman’s daughter Michelle Feynman.

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2016 Quantum Summit

January 27, 2016

A one-day seminar, the Quantum Summit, held on January 27, 2016 featured scientists and leaders of industry discussing current work exploring quantum physics. One highlight of the seminar was the panel discussion Why quantum computing, and why now? Moderated by Jennifer Ouellette, senior science editor at Gizmodo.com the panel included: Ray Beausoleil, HP Laboratories; Charles Bennett, IBM Fellow; Parsa Bonderson, Microsoft; Jim Clarke, Intel; Raymond Laflamme, Institute for Quantum Computing; Hartmut Neven, Google. Watch a video of the panel discussion.  During other sessions at the summit, John Martinis of Google spoke about quantum simulation with superconducting qubits; Oskar Painter, the John G. Braun Professor of Applied Physics at Caltech, presented on acoustic quantum transducers; and David Wineland, a Nobel laureate from National Institute of Standards and Technology, described the latest thinking on entangled trapped ions.

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