The IQIM is driven by the belief that there is a rare convergence of theoretical insights and experimental capabilities that offers remarkable opportunities for discoveries of new principles and phenomena at the multidisciplinary interfaces of Physics and Quantum Information Science (QIS). IQIM aims to discover new physics in the quantum realm and to build scientific foundations for designing materials and devices with remarkable properties. Researchers in QIS and several fields of physics will come together to explore large-scale quantum phenomena that are possible when particles such as atoms, photons and electrons are strongly correlated or entangled.  In three major research thrusts outlined below, IQIM scientists investigate and manipulate entangled systems and materials in order to advance basic science and build the foundations for future technologies including quantum computers.

Eisenstein Lab

Research Highlights and Key Outcomes

The IQIM encompasses three Major Activities (MAs), but the boundaries between these activities are porous and loosely defined. The MAs reinforce one another, and much of our scientific success has been derived from the interactions among the groups. Here we report on some of our significant research accomplishments for the past year.

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