Iron Man talks quantum

Spiros Michalakis, IQIM's Manager of Outreach and Research Scientist, can count superheroes as his coworkers - official superheroes (Ant Man, Wasp, Iron Man and the rest of the Avengers). As an adviser for Marvel projects including Ant-Man (2015) and Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018), he is one of the Marvel arsenal of experts. In the November 1 Physics [...]

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Fernando Brandao honored with 2020 Rolf Landauer and Charles H. Bennett Award in Quantum Computing

Fernando Brandao was recognized by the APS "For outstanding achievements in entanglement theory and in the intersection of quantum computation, quantum thermodynamics, and quantum many-body physics." He is the 2020 recipient of the Rolf Landauer and Charles H. Bennett Award in Quantum Computing This award recognizes recent outstanding contributions in quantum information science, especially using [...]

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Why I Called It ‘Quantum Supremacy’ John Preskill’s column in Quanta

John Preskill is a contributing columnist for Quanta Magazine. Read his October 2 column Why I Called It 'Quantum Supremacy' James O’Brien for Quanta Magazine A recent paper from Google’s quantum computing lab announced that the company had achieved quantum supremacy. Everyone has been talking about it, but what does it all mean? In [...]

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Xie Chen awarded 2020 New Horizons in Physics Prize

Xie Chen along with former Caltech postdoc Lukasz Fidkowski, now at University of Washington; Michael Levin, University of Chicago; and Max A. Metlitski, Massachusetts Institute of Technology received the the 2020 New Horizons in Physics Prize For incisive contributions to the understanding of topological states of matter and the relationships between them. Caltech's Katherine L. [...]

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Nature Physics paper highlights IQIM collaboration “Electronic correlations in twisted bilayer graphene near the magic angle”

An August 5 Nature Physics paper describes work by the Nadj-Perge group and IQIM theorists, Electronic correlations in twisted bilayer graphene near the magic angle. A scanning tunneling microscopy topographic image of twisted bilayer graphene, Credit S. Nadj-Perge “Twisted bilayer graphene with a twist angle of around 1.1° features a pair of isolated [...]

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IQIM faculty receive Presidential Early Career Awards

Thomas Vidick, professor of computing and mathematical sciences, and Austin Minnich, professor of mechanical engineering and applied physics received the 2019 Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE). The awards were announced on July 2. This is the highest honor bestowed by the United States government to outstanding scientists and engineers at the [...]

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Beyond Smoke and Mirrors: “Magic Cavity” in Superconducting Quantum Circuits

In 1946, Edward M. Purcell proposed that the way an atom emits radiation is not the sole property of the atom itself, but rather can be strongly modified by the electromagnetic environment the atom is placed within.  Purcell’s particular interest was in how the intrinsic magnetic moment (spin) of atomic nuclei in solids and liquids [...]

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Dimensional crossover in a layered ferromagnet detected by spin correlation driven distortions – new paper by the Hsieh group

Magneto-elastic distortions are commonly detected across magnetic long-range ordering (LRO) transitions. In principle, they are also induced by the magnetic short-range ordering (SRO) that precedes a LRO transition, which contains information about short-range correlations and energetics that are essential for understanding how LRO is established. However these distortions are difficult to resolve because the associated [...]

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Endres & Painter groups collaborate on Telecom-Band Quantum Optics with Ytterbium Atoms and Silicon Nanophotonics

This new publication by members of the Endres and Painter groups is an Editors’ Suggestion in Physical Review, Applied. Wavelengths in the telecommunication window (ca.1.25–1.65 μm) are ideal for quantum communication, due to the low transmission loss in optical-fiber networks. To realize quantum networks operating at these wavelengths, we need long-lived quantum memories that couple efficiently [...]

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Quantum Shorts Film Competition – vote for your favorite

Quantum Shorts is a competition calling for science fiction alternating annually with science films since 2012. The festival is organized by the Centre for Quantum Technologies at the National University of Singapore, with media partners Nature and Scientific American and an international network of scientific partners and screening partners including IQIM. This year's competition featured [...]

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