Nature paper by Faraon group describes work toward a quantum network

A March 30 Nature paper by the Faraon group describes recent work toward a quantum network. They discuss one of the current challenges, developing a system that is stable: Distributing entanglement over long distances using optical networks is an intriguing macroscopic quantum phenomenon with applications in quantum systems for advanced computing and secure communication. Building [...]

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Time-Crystalline Topological Superconductors

In a new paper by graduate student Aaron Chew, Jason Alicea and IQIM alum David Mross (now at the Weizmann Institute), they discuss  "one-dimensional time-crystalline topological superconductors, for which time-translation symmetry breaking and topological physics intertwine—yielding anomalous Floquet Majorana modes that are not possible in free-fermion systems." In addition to the paper Time-Crystalline Topological Superconductors [...]

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Nature Physics paper highlights IQIM collaboration “Electronic correlations in twisted bilayer graphene near the magic angle”

An August 5 Nature Physics paper describes work by the Nadj-Perge group and IQIM theorists, Electronic correlations in twisted bilayer graphene near the magic angle. A scanning tunneling microscopy topographic image of twisted bilayer graphene, Credit S. Nadj-Perge “Twisted bilayer graphene with a twist angle of around 1.1° features a pair of isolated [...]

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Beyond Smoke and Mirrors: “Magic Cavity” in Superconducting Quantum Circuits

In 1946, Edward M. Purcell proposed that the way an atom emits radiation is not the sole property of the atom itself, but rather can be strongly modified by the electromagnetic environment the atom is placed within.  Purcell’s particular interest was in how the intrinsic magnetic moment (spin) of atomic nuclei in solids and liquids [...]

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Dimensional crossover in a layered ferromagnet detected by spin correlation driven distortions – new paper by the Hsieh group

Magneto-elastic distortions are commonly detected across magnetic long-range ordering (LRO) transitions. In principle, they are also induced by the magnetic short-range ordering (SRO) that precedes a LRO transition, which contains information about short-range correlations and energetics that are essential for understanding how LRO is established. However these distortions are difficult to resolve because the associated [...]

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Endres & Painter groups collaborate on Telecom-Band Quantum Optics with Ytterbium Atoms and Silicon Nanophotonics

This new publication by members of the Endres and Painter groups is an Editors’ Suggestion in Physical Review, Applied. Wavelengths in the telecommunication window (ca.1.25–1.65 μm) are ideal for quantum communication, due to the low transmission loss in optical-fiber networks. To realize quantum networks operating at these wavelengths, we need long-lived quantum memories that couple efficiently [...]

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Many-particle quantum phenomena enhance engine

A recent paper by IQIM alum Nicole Yunger Halpern, Graduate Student Christopher David White, Burke Institute Alum Sarang Gopalakishnan and Gil Refael explores the possibility of applying quantum many-body localization to energy-processing technologies, such as an engine. Quantum engine based on many-body localization, Phys. Rev. B 99, 024203 – Published 22 January 2019 Many-particle quantum [...]

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New paper by Motrunich group on OTOCs

A new paper by the Motrunich group studies out-of-time-ordered correlators (OTOCs) in hard-core boson models with short-range and long-range hopping and compares the results to the OTOCs in the Luttinger-liquid model. FIG. 2. from the paper - The overall picture of CXX(, t) calculated in (a) model Iand (b) model II, with L = [...]

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New work by Painter group “Superconducting metamaterials for waveguide QED”

A new paper in Nature Communications by members of the Painter group presents their recent work to couple a transmon qubit to a superconducting metamaterial.  Mohammad Mihosseini, Eunjong Kim, Vinicius S. Ferreira, Mahmoud Kalaee, Alp Sipahigil, Andrew J. Keller, Oskar Painter (2018) Superconducting metamaterials for waveguide quantum electrodynamics. Nature Communications, 9 . Art. No. 3706. More about [...]

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New paper by Jochym-O’Connor, Kubica and Yoder – Disjointness of Stabilizer Codes

Stabilizer codes are among the most successful quantum error-correcting codes, yet they have important limitations on their ability to fault tolerantly compute. In a recent paper by Sherman Fairchild Postdoctoral Scholar Tomas Jochym-O'Connor, IQIM alum Alex Kubica and Theodore Yoder introduce a new quantity, the disjointness of the stabilizer code, which, roughly speaking, is the [...]

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