The Institute for Quantum Information and Matter (IQIM) at Caltech is a Physics Frontiers Center supported by the National Science Foundation and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. IQIM researchers study physical systems in which the weirdness of the quantum world becomes manifest on macroscopic scales. Our research programs span quantum information science, quantum condensed matter physics, quantum optics, and the quantum mechanics of mechanical systems.

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This is a password protected link to material for the NSF review, Feb 10 and 11, 2014. Questions? Contact Marcia Brown


In the News

aps_march_meetingJeff Kimble's colleagues, friends, current and former students and postdocs are celebrating his work (and 65th birthday) with the conference: The quantum optics frontier, April 25-26, 2014 at Caltech. Registration is required for Friday's talks in Dabney, but all are invited to attend talks on Saturday in 201 E. Bridge [click here to be directed to the program] 04.24.13

aps_march_meetingIQIM was well represented at the APS March meeting presenting eighteen papers on a wide variety of topics including an invited talk by John Preskill, Fault-tolerant quantum computing with superconducting quibits. You can find links to abstracts of talks by Michael Beverland, Andrew Essin, Torsten Karzig, Emma Wollman, Chang-Yu Hou, Scott Geraedts and many other members of IQIM by visiting the APS website 3.26.14


IQIM Postdoctoral and Graduate Student Seminars

Institute for Quantum Information Science (IQI) Seminars

Condensed Matter Physics (CMP) Seminars

Physics Mathematics and Astronomy Seminars

Upcoming Visitors

Alexandra Junck, Mar 9-29
Marcel Franz, Mar 3-Apr 30
Raul Garcia-Patron, Mar 30-Apr 4
Patrick Lee, Apr 4

Complete list of visitors here