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“How Many Qubits Are Needed for Quantum Supremacy?” interview with Alex Dalzell

A recent Quantum paper with lead author Alex Dalzell prompted the IEEE Spectrum article "How Many Qubits Are Needed for Quantum Supremacy? (Whether Google achieved quantum supremacy depends on perspective)". Alex Dalzell In the end, “have we reached quantum computational supremacy when we've done something that we don’t know how to do with [...]

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“The Most Interesting Machine in the World” features Preskill interview

Read Alta's May issue, including "The Most Interesting Machine in the World" by Timothy Ferris. Quantum computing is wild and weird and full of surprises. Tech companies are betting they can harness its potential to replicate nature itself. Photo: Gregg Segal Quantum computing—magnificent in conception though embryonic in performance—is being touted as the [...]

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Nature paper by Faraon group describes work toward a quantum network

A March 30 Nature paper by the Faraon group describes recent work toward a quantum network. They discuss one of the current challenges, developing a system that is stable: Distributing entanglement over long distances using optical networks is an intriguing macroscopic quantum phenomenon with applications in quantum systems for advanced computing and secure communication. Building [...]

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Time-Crystalline Topological Superconductors

In a new paper by graduate student Aaron Chew, Jason Alicea and IQIM alum David Mross (now at the Weizmann Institute), they discuss  "one-dimensional time-crystalline topological superconductors, for which time-translation symmetry breaking and topological physics intertwine—yielding anomalous Floquet Majorana modes that are not possible in free-fermion systems." In addition to the paper Time-Crystalline Topological Superconductors [...]

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Iron Man talks quantum

Spiros Michalakis, IQIM's Manager of Outreach and Research Scientist, can count superheroes as his coworkers - official superheroes (Ant Man, Wasp, Iron Man and the rest of the Avengers). As an adviser for Marvel projects including Ant-Man (2015) and Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018), he is one of the Marvel arsenal of experts. In the November 1 Physics [...]

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IQIM Seminar talk by John Martinis

John Martinis, Research Scientist and Professor of Physics Google and UCSB was the November 1 IQIM seminar speaker Quantum supremacy using a programmable superconducting processor. The talk was recorded and is available on the Caltech YouTube channel. Photograph of the Sycamore processor. (Erik Lucero, Research Scientist and Lead Production Quantum Hardware) Abstract: The [...]

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Fernando Brandao honored with 2020 Rolf Landauer and Charles H. Bennett Award in Quantum Computing

Fernando Brandao was recognized by the APS "For outstanding achievements in entanglement theory and in the intersection of quantum computation, quantum thermodynamics, and quantum many-body physics." He is the 2020 recipient of the Rolf Landauer and Charles H. Bennett Award in Quantum Computing This award recognizes recent outstanding contributions in quantum information science, especially using [...]

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Why I Called It ‘Quantum Supremacy’ John Preskill’s column in Quanta

John Preskill is a contributing columnist for Quanta Magazine. Read his October 2 column Why I Called It 'Quantum Supremacy' James O’Brien for Quanta Magazine A recent paper from Google’s quantum computing lab announced that the company had achieved quantum supremacy. Everyone has been talking about it, but what does it all mean? In [...]

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