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2018 IQIM Seminars

IQIM Seminar Series


The IQIM Seminar Series is a weekly event providing an overview of the different activities conducted within the IQIM through informal, accessible talks. Graduate students, post-docs and faculty are brought together to keep to date with progress in the different branches of the IQIM, with an opportunity for additional discussions at the provided lunch and coffee.

When, what, where

*Fridays, starting with lunch served at 12:00, in 114 East Bridge

Information for Speakers

Because of the varying backgrounds in the IQIM community, talks are welcome to be kept as simple as possible and on a high level. Speakers are encouraged to spend half of their presentation providing a fleshed-out introduction of their field to the full IQIM community, introducing and motivating all the relevant concepts and allowing the full audience to appreciate the importance of the presented results. A focus on a strong take-home message is usually preferable over detailed coverage of all latest results. We invite talks to target a length of 30-40min, bearing in mind that informality and interactivity with the audience are generally welcome and that the presentation length may in consequence naturally be prolonged to some extent. Questions and additional discussions may furthermore continue over coffee.

Organizing Committee

The IQIM Seminar Series is organized by a committee of graduate students and postdocs. Contact any one of us if you have any questions or wish to participate.

A list of all talks, including upcoming speakers can be found at on the Caltech master calendar.

2018 talks are listed here in date order from January through October.

Date Speaker Talk Title
January 12, 2018 David Schuster, Physics Department and James Franck Institute, University of Chicago. This is a joint IQIM/Applied Physics Seminar. Talk will be held in 201 E. Bridge From many modes to many bodies
January 19, 2018 Johannes Eichholz, Postdoctoral Scholar, Adhikari Group Improving gravitational-wave detector sensitivity with cryogenic test mass cooling
January 26, 2018 Sean Carroll, Research Professor of Physics
Bulk Entanglement Gravity
February 2, 2018 Arian Jadbabaie, Graduate Student, Hutzler Group

Continuous measurements and quantum trajectories in circuit QED
February 9, 2018 Josephine Suh, Postdoctoral Scholar in Theoretical Physics, Kitaev Group Quantization of the low temperature action in the SYK model
February 16, 2018 Jacob Covey, Richard Chace Tolman Postdoctoral Scholar, Endres Group **Location change to 105 Annenberg this week
 A quantum gas of polar KRb molecules in an optical lattice
February 23, 2018 Evert van NieuwenburgPostdoctoral Scholar, Refael Group
 Machine learning and quantum physics
February 23, 2018 *Special IQIM Seminar begins at 3 pm in 114 E. Bridge * Prof. Oriol Romero-Isart,  Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information, Austrian Academy of Sciences Levitated Nanomagnets in the Quantum Regime: Theory and Applications
March 2, 2018 Brian Swingle, Assistant Professor, University of Maryland