2017 IQIM Seminars

IQIM Postdoctoral and Graduate Student Seminars Archive

The IQIM Weekly Postdoc/Grad Student Seminar is a student-run series focused on sharing work done across the IQIM group. The Friday gathering also offers a chance to interact with other research groups in informal discussions.

If you are interesed in presenting, please contact Tejas Deshpande

A list of all talks, including upcoming speakers can be found at on the Caltech master calendar.

2017 talks are listed in date order from January through October.  Abstracts of 2017 talks are available as a PDF here.

Date Speaker Talk Title
January 20, 2017 Evan Miyazono, Graduate Student, Faraon Group Optical microdevices for telecom scalable quantum platforms
January 11, 2017 Jean-baptiste Béguin, Postdoctoral Scholar, Niels Bohr Institute **Note special date and time – Wednesday beginning at 2 pm in 114 E. Bridge Chains of atoms coupled to a nanofiber waveguide
January 6, 2017 Philippe Faist, Postdoctoral Scholar, Brandao Group Practical, Reliable Error Bars in Quantum Tomography