2021 IQIM Seminars

IQIM Seminar Series


Currently, all seminars are virtual. The IQIM Seminar Series is a weekly event providing an overview of the different activities conducted within the IQIM through informal, accessible talks. Graduate students, post-docs and faculty are brought together to keep to date with progress in the different branches of the IQIM, with an opportunity for additional, informal discussions, via breakout rooms following the talk.

Visit qse.caltech.edu for a list of all upcoming talks related to Quantum Science and Engineering.

When, what, where

*Fridays, at 11:00 am PST

Information for Speakers

Because of the varying backgrounds in the IQIM community, talks are welcome to be kept as simple as possible and on a high level. Speakers are encouraged to spend half of their presentation providing a fleshed-out introduction of their field to the full IQIM community, introducing and motivating all the relevant concepts and allowing the full audience to appreciate the importance of the presented results. A focus on a strong take-home mes