Fernando Brandao, Bren Professor of Theoretical Physics, collaborating with Garnet Chan, Bren Professor of Chemistry, and Austin Minnich, Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Physics have received an NSF award under the RAISE:TAQS program. Their proposal Quantum simulation of materials and molecules using quantum computation will “explore how transformative advances in the simulation of quantum dynamics can be realized on quantum computers that will be available in the next five years.” Possible near term quantum computers could contain 49 to 100 qubits.

artist's depiction quantum entanglement

Credit: Nicolle R. Fuller/ NSF

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded $31 million for fundamental quantum research that will enable the United States to lead a new quantum technology revolution. The awards were announced as NSF joins other federal agencies and private partners at a White House summit on quantum information science on September 24.

“The quantum revolution is about expanding the definition of what’s possible for the technology of tomorrow,” said NSF Director France C√≥rdova. “NSF-supported researchers are working to deepen our understanding of quantum mechanics and apply that knowledge to create world-changing applications. These new investments will position the U.S. to be a global leader in quantum research and development and help train the next generation of quantum researchers.” Read the full article NSF announces new awards for quantum research, technologies