diagram from Topological entanglement entropy

Google Scholar released a new collection of Classic Papers “a collection of highly-cited papers in their area of research that have stood the test of time.” They include the ten most-cited articles published ten years earlier over a broad range of research topics, such as Life Sciences & Earth Sciences, Business, Economics & Management, Physics & Mathematics. In this initial listing, Google Scholar reviewed publications from 2006 and ranked the papers by number of citations.

IQIM has several representatives in the top ten papers in Quantum Mechanics. The most cited paper, at number one, is Alexei Kitaev and John Preskill’s Topological entanglement entropy.  Number five in the list, is Michael J. Hartmann, Fernando Brandão & Martin B. Plenio’s Strongly interacting polaritons in coupled arrays of cavities. Paper number eight includes several IQIM collaborators and former Preskill Postdoc Frank Verstraete D.Perez-Garcia, F. Verstraete, M.M. Wolf, J.I. Cirac, Matrix Product State Representations

In the Mathematical Physics list, Kitaev’s Anyons in an exactly solved model and beyond is ranked number 2. He also appears as number nine in the Theoretical Computer Science list with Julia Kempe, Alexei Kitaev, Oded Regev The Complexity of the Local Hamiltonian Problem.

Read more about Classic Papers in the Google Scholar blog.

Image shown is Fig. 2 from Topological entanglement entropy. The planar medium is glued at spatial infinity to its time-reversal conjugate, and wormholes are attached that connect the two conjugate media at the locations of the triple intersections, creating a sphere with four handles.