Caltech’s EAS publication ENGenious spotlights four faculty members “who [Division Chair] Ravichandran identifies as part of a select group focused on studying the quantum phenomena in exquisite detail, with an eye to bringing that detail to usefulness. The group spans the whole spectrum, from the most basic science to information theory and quantum information theory to the reality of devices.

Cover image from issue 14 ENGenious

The article includes a broad range of discussion from Oskar Painter, John G Braun Professor of Applied Physics and Fletcher Jones Foundation Co-Director of the Kavli Nanoscience Institute (KNI); Keith Schwab, Professor of Applied Physics; Andrei Faraon, Assistant Professor of Applied Physics and Materials

Science; and Thomas Vidick, Associate Professor of Computing and Mathematical Sciences. Topics include possible applications and advantages the Caltech community brings to their work.

Read the full article “Quantum Engineering: A New Frontier” Also on the website you can watch a short video interview with Oskar Painter “Five Questions about Quantum Engineering

“Quantumness is by definition at the forefront of science,” [Painter] says. “It is the fascinating aspect of the physical world that is completely surprising. It is what we are passionate about. The necessity for an application, however, is cultural and gradual. ‘What is it good for? What can you DO with it?’ are always the first questions we are asked about our work. One good answer I can offer is, ‘When the researchers who developed quantum mechanics in the 1920s and 1930s were posed such questions, they didn’t know it would lead to a trillion-dollar industry 70 years in the future.’

“Quantum Engineering: A New Frontier” from “ENGenious” Issue No.14. ENGenious is a publication for alumni and friends of the Division of Engineering and Applied Science.