A new paper by the Motrunich group studies out-of-time-ordered correlators (OTOCs) in hard-core boson models with short-range and long-range hopping and compares the results to the OTOCs in the Luttinger-liquid model.

Figure 2 - The overall picture of CXX(t)

FIG. 2. from the paper – The overall picture of CXX(, t) calculated in (a) model I
and (b) model II, with L = 512, β = 0, and J = 1.

Recently, out-of-time-ordered correlators (OTOCs) have emerged as providing a diagnostic for quantum chaos and information scrambling *. Intense efforts have also been devoted to devise experimental measurements for such a quantity*. Despite their recent prominence, the OTOCs are difficult to evaluate in quantum many-body systems, and there are many numerical studies on small systems with conflicting interpretations but few rigorous results. [I]n this paper we therefore consider OTOCs in exactly tractable short-range and long-range hard-core boson models, and we compare with the Luttinger-liquid model, which corresponds to one of the simplest CFTs.

*Excerpt from section I of the paper, please follow this link https://journals.aps.org/prb/abstract/10.1103/PhysRevB.98.134305  for the full text and references

Read the full paper: Lin, Cheng-Ju and Motrunich, Olexei I. (2018) Out-of-time-ordered correlators in short-range and long-range hard-core boson models and Luttinger liquid model. Physical Review B, 98 (13). Art. No. 134305. ISSN 2469-9950.